النظام الداخلي

The reading of Zaid bin Thabit aims to assist its associates in memorizing the Qur’an and correcting the recitation. In order to reach the desired result, we need to adhere to the rules of reading, as follows: 1. Registration and study all via the Internet, and the student is not allowed to register with more than one study plan. 2. Commitment to attend: Knowing that the student who will be absent for five days a month without an excuse, the program will automatically delete his name, and the program will send an alarm on the first two days of absence, then a warning after four days, then fold the registration on the fifth day, and the reason for this is that the demand for The reciter is very large, and the number of people on the waiting list exceeds the number of admitted persons by many times. 3. The student's entry to the virtual classes and not reading the teacher is calculated by his absence. 4. We hope those who chose the memorization plan are obligated not to read from the Qur’an during recitation to the teacher, and in case they are not able to do so, we prefer that the student choose to enter in the correction of the recitation. 5. When allowing the student to read, we hope that he will give the teacher the academic number, and immediately start memorizing and reciting so that the teacher can take as many students as possible. 6. We hope that students will be accurate in registering their information, knowing that registration with borrowed names is not accepted. 7. The student is obliged to attend ........... days per week from Saturday to Thursday, and he is obliged to provide an excuse to the teacher if he is unable to attend.